Cheap Air Tanzania Flights

Air Tanzania is the national flag carrier for Tanzania in East Africa. Its headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, and its hub is Julius Nyerere International Airport.

Air Tanzania operates flights to eight destinations, and has plans to increase its route network to include destinations like Dubai and Mumbai. Currently, the airline serves both domestic and international markets. Its domestic destinations are Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Mtwara, Mwanza and Zanzibar, and its international destinations are Entebbe/Kampala, Johannesburg and Moroni.

Once owned entirely by the government of Tanzania, Air Tanzania has been trying to find private ownership for several years. Recently, an attempted merger between the airline’s parent company and South African Airways fell through, and some reports say that Air Tanzania is in worse financial shape now than it was before the merger was put into motion.

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