Cheap American Flights

The world’s largest airline in terms of both passenger miles and fleet size, American Airlines will certainly be able to get you where you want to go. American’s headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas, near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport where it also maintains its largest hub. American’s other hubs are Miami, San Juan, Chicago and Saint Louis. American operates nearly 85% of the flights to and from Dallas-Fort Worth, and it flies to more destinations from Dallas-Fort Worth than it does from any of its other hubs. In addition to these hubs, Los Angeles and New York are focus cities for the airline as well as gateways to its international destinations.

American is often considered the flag carrier for the United States, both because it’s the country’s biggest airline and because it’s got the word “American” in its name, but in reality there isn’t a national airline in the US. American flies within the US as well as to Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Japan, China and India, serving almost 160 cities around the world. Latin America and transcontinental flights are both strong points in American’s route network – American flies more people between the United States and Latin America than any other airline. It’s also one of only two US carriers allowed by law to fly into London’s Heathrow Airport (the other being United Airlines).

As you might guess from the airline’s name, American is particularly strong in flights through the Americas. For instance, American is the only US carrier with flights to Bolivia, Grenada, Haiti and Anguilla. The airline has more recently been working to increase its presence in Asia. American Airlines is part of the OneWorld airline alliance, which serves nearly 700 destinations collectively.

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