Cheap ATA Airlines Flights

While one could argue that the most successful models for low cost airlines are in Europe (with the likes of Ryanair and easyJet leading the pack), the idea is catching on in the United States as well. ATA Airlines, Inc. is just such a budget carrier in the United States. ATA is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and flies throughout the United States and even all the way to Hawaii. In addition to its regularly scheduled flights, ATA also offers charter and military services around the world.

ATA Airlines considers Chicago Midway Airport, Honolulu International Airport and Oakland International Airport to be focus cities. The airline had suffered financial problems for several years, even after filing for bankruptcy in 2004, but it appears that more recently it is regaining some upward momentum. ATA has a code sharing agreement with Southwest Airlines, which it has expanded since 2005, and which seems to have helped put it back on the path to success.

Since 2006, ATA has been adding destinations to its network, something it had not done for two years before that. ATA now flies to cities in Arizona, California, Washington D.C., Hawaii (five cities in Hawaii), Illinois, Nevada, New York and Texas, as well as two cities in Mexico. With its service to five Hawaiian airports, ATA actually offers more nonstop flights from the US mainland than any other airline.

ATA’s frequent flyer program is called ATA Travel Awards. In addition to the code sharing agreement with Southwest Airlines, passengers who book flights directly from ATA can choose whether to put their miles toward ATA’s frequent flyer program or into Southwest’s program. ATA Airlines is not a member of an airline alliance.

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