Find the cheapest flight on China

China is a very interesting travel destination. The Great Wall of China, the pandas, the cuisine and the history attract visitors from all over the world. Most visitors need a visa to visit mainland China. But citizens from most Western countries don’t need visas to visit Hong Kong and Macau.

The main international gateways into mainland china are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The main international airport in mainland China is Beijing Capital International Airport . It is hub for Air China, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines

Shanghai is served by two airports but the international gateway is Pudong International Airport. It is a major aviation hub in Asia, particularly in the East Asian region. It is the main hub for China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, and a major international hub for Air China.

Another important airport in China is New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, a major hub in Southern China, second only to Hong Kong. It is a focus city for Shenzhen Airlines. It receives a lot of international flights (from Europe, North America and Australia).

Hong Kong International Airport receives many direct flights from cities from all over the world. Hong Kong maintains an independent immigration system from mainland China, so Western visitors don’t need a visa when they fly directly here.

Macau International Airport has become a low-cost hub and travelers now prefer to fly here and then travel to Hong Kong rather than the other way around (as it happened before). It is hub for Air Macau. It receives direct flights from many Asian destinations but there aren’t any direct flights from North America or Europe.

Airlines that fly to China

China is a big country and there are airports in all large towns. The main airports are served by a variety of carriers from all over the world. The following comprises a list of the major airlines which offer direct flights into China: