Find the cheapest flight on Mexico

Mexico is a major holiday destination particularly for those living in North America. The country’s busiest airport is Benito Juarez International Airport (also known as Mexico City International Airport). It is also Latin America’s busiest airport and offers flights to and from over 100 international destinations. The airport is hub for Aeromexico , Interjet, Mexicana and Aeromar.

In recent years, Toluca Airport has emerged as a good alternative for those flying into Mexico City. It is used as base for low-cost carriers such as Interjet, Volaris and Aeromexico Connect.

The second busiest airport in Mexico is Cancun International Airport , located on the Caribbean coast and serving the resorts area. It is hub for Mexicana.

Another important airport in Mexico is Los Cabos International Airport served by a variety of airlines. It serves Los Cabos area and receives direct flights from the USA (Los Angeles, Portland , San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago), Canada (Toronto), other Mexican cities and important hubs from South America.

Tourists also use Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport , located at the Pacific Ocean Coast. It is a very busy airport and receives direct flights from other Mexican cities, as well as from the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Kansas City) and Canada (Calgary, Montreal, Toronto).

Airlines that fly to Mexico

There are many airlines flying into Mexico from different parts of the world. The following list comprises some of the major airlines offering direct flights into the busiest Mexican airports: