Cheap Skybus Airlines Flights

Modeling itself after the budget airlines in Europe, American airline Skybus Airlines has plans to offer the lowest prices of any budget carrier in the United States. It is one of the ultra low cost carriers, like Ireland’s Ryanair. Skybus Airlines is based in Columbus, Ohio and its hub is the Port Columbus International Airport – the airline maintains no other hubs or focus cities, although it was only granted approval to begin service in mid-2007, so it is just getting started. One hopes the idea takes off in the United States as it has in Europe, because Skybus Airlines’ starting fares begin at only $10 one way.

To begin with, Skybus Airlines will only serve 11 destinations (12 if you include Columbus) – Burbank, California; Kansas City, Missouri; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Richmond, Virginia; Bellingham, Washington; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina; Oakland, California; San Diego, California, Chicopee, Massachusetts and St. Augustine, Florida. It is likely that the airline will continue to add destinations, if it continues to be successful.

As a new airline, Skybus Airlines will also limit its flexibility in booking – for instance, you will not be able to book round trip flights between two cities on its destination list unless one of them includes its hub of Columbus. Also, the low prices offered by the airline are due in part to cost saving measures like charging passengers for checking baggage or for getting an assigned seat (both practices are employed by Ryanair).

One caveat about those $10 tickets is that there are a limited number of them per flight, and the price of the fare will go up as more seats are sold on that particular flight. Also, that $10 price tag does not include fees or taxes, so keep that in mind when you are budgeting for your ticket. Finally, in order to get you to purchase their food and beverages on the flight, Skybus Airlines staff will ask that you throw away any food or drink you have with you before boarding the plane. They are not frisking people, however, so it is unlikely they will know if you are lying.

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