Cheap SkyEurope Flights

There is seemingly no shortage of budget airlines operating in Europe, and with the enormous success of names like easyJet, Ryanair and WizzAir, it should not be surprising that the number of budget carriers keeps growing. SkyEurope Airlines, which began operations in 2002, is one of Europe’s low cost carriers. It is based in Bratislava, Slovakia and uses that city’s M. R. Stefanik Airport as its main hub. Its other principle hubs are Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, John Paul II International Airport in Krakow, Ruzyne International Airport in Prague and Vienna International Airport. The flights from the Budapest airport, rather than being under the SkyEurope Airlines name, are operated under the name SkyEurope Airlines Hungary, which is a subsidiary of SkyEurope Airlines.

Like most European low cost airlines, SkyEurope Airlines flies to a variety of European destinations, many of which are popular holiday spots. The airline flies to 40 cities in almost 20 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. And just because its main base is in a city that might not be considered a major European gateway (Bratislava), it is about an hour away from Vienna and the airline cleverly runs a shuttle from the Bratislava airport into Vienna for its passengers. Similarly, SkyEurope Airlines runs a shuttle from the airport in Krakow into the city itself.

SkyEurope Airlines, with its list of multiple “hub” airports and no focus cities, was the first airline in Central Europe to use a system of several bases rather than just one. The airline operaters both scheduled flights as well as charter and cargo flights.

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