Cheap Southwest Flights

Southwest Airlines is one of the United States’ budget carriers and is based in Dallas, Texas. Its focus cities are Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Oakland, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Diego. Southwest flies to more than 60 destinations in 32 states throughout the United States, flying more than 3200 flights every day. There are gaps in Southwest’s US service, to be sure, but generally speaking it’s because there’s another budget carrier in the area with whom Southwest can’t compete.

Even though it’s a low-cost carrier, Southwest is the largest airline in the United States and third largest in the world in terms of the number of passengers it carries domestically per year. The fact that it’s an airline notorious for cheap airline tickets and a relaxed attitude (there are no seat assignments, for instance) have clearly made it popular with travelers. Southwest was also the first airline to have an online presence with a website which was first called the “Southwest Airlines Home Gate.” Southwest isn’t part of airfare search giants like Expedia or Orbitz, requiring customers to go to the Southwest website to search their airfares. While some travelers might find this to be an inconvenience, fans of the airline tend to be loyal enough that they don’t mind skipping the search engines and going straight to the source.

Southwest does not use the traditional hub-and-spoke routing system, going with a point-to-point system instead – which is part of the reason it’s got such a long list of focus cities. The airports it uses might not be the busiest in the area, but smaller airports allow Southwest to save money and pass the savings on to customers.

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