Cheap Ted Flights

Ted might sound like your friendly uncle, but it is really a low-cost subsidiary of the massive United Airlines. The name comes from the last three letters in the United name. Ted is based in Elk Grove Township, Illinois. It is not technically its own airline – instead the name Ted is used to differentiate the no-frills flights United flies from its full service flights. Ted flights are all economy class seating and do not feature any extras in order to help keep costs low.

The main hub for Ted is Denver International Airport, where it was started to compete with the budget operator Frontier Airlines, and it considers O’Hare International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and Dulles International Airport to be focus cities. As Ted is a relatively small budget airline, it only flies to 20 destinations in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Ted is a member of the Star Alliance airline alliance and uses an entirely Airbus fleet. Although Ted is a no-frills airline, it does have something it calls “Economy Plus” which is the first 11 rows of the plane. Passengers in Economy Plus get an extra four inches of legroom.

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