Find the cheapest flight to Alicante

Alicante International Airport (airport code ALC) is nine kilometers from the city of Alicante in Spain’s popular Valencia region. Sometimes called El Altet Airport, it serves the provinces of Alicante and Murcia and the vast majority of its traffic is international. To get to Alicante from Europe is as easy as finding a seat with a budget European airline. For example, you can fly from Birmingham to Alicante. From outside of Europe, your best bet will be to either fly to Madrid or Barcelona first and then catch a small domestic flight to Alicante, or to get to a major European hub (such as London, Paris or Rome) for a low-cost flight.

For a complete list of airlines serving Alicante, go here, and to check real time flight information go here. Your dining options are listed here, and your shopping options are here. A list of car rental agencies operating at the airport is here, taxi information here and information about the bus routes to and from the airport is here.

More Information on Alicante

Alicante is the second-largest town in Spain’s Valencia region, and until recently has had a less-than-desirable reputation. It still relies far less than other nearby cities on tourism dollars, allowing it to remain authentic in its Spanishness. That doesn’t mean Alicante won’t keep the beachgoers and bar hoppers happy – it just means there’s more to this Spanish town.

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