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Lowest Daily Domestic Fares to Anchorage     (Updated 7 Oct 2013)
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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Anchorage

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (airport code ANC) is located four miles outside of downtown Anchorage, and it is the major airport for the entire state of Alaska. It is the second largest hub for Alaska Airlines (after Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport), so that is the airline to check for special deals to Anchorage, and the majority of its passenger flights are to Seattle/Tacoma (about 20 flights per day) and Fairbanks (about 13 flights per day). Anchorage was once a popular stopping-off point for people traveling to and from East Asia because of the restriction against flying over Soviet airspace. Nowadays, while it is less used for passenger planes as a stopover point, it is used for that purpose by many cargo carriers. It is thought that the Anchorage airport will be a good connection between the USA and the eastern reaches of Russia, although there are not currently any flights linking the two countries.

Domestic airlines serving Anchorage are listed here, and international airlines are listed here. Arrival and departure information can be tracked here. Ground transportation options are listed here, including military transportation for military personnel. Visitor information links can be found here, and there are visitor centers around the airport with staff available seven days a week. If you are driving to the airport, you will find directions here, and you can save time and money on Anchorage airport parking.

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