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Athens, Greece’s capital city, is a very popular tourist destination – not only for its lovely Mediterranean climate and proximity to island getaways, but also for its central place in world history. It might be surprising to learn, then, that
Athens International Airport (airport code ATH) only opened in 2001, replacing the old (and much smaller) airport before the 2004 Summer Olympics. Incidentally, the site of the old airport was redeveloped to house some of the Olympic events, like field hockey, baseball and canoe/kayak slalom.

Athens International, also called Elefthérios Venizélos, is now the only airport serving Athens. It’s the major hub for Greece’s state-owned Olympic Airlines and for Aegean Airlines. Athens is a large enough travel hub for the area that you’ll find plenty of nonstop flight options from Europe and even several from North America. You’ll be able to find lots of budget carrier flights from Europe to Athens, so be sure to see if flying first into a major European city like London or Paris and then on to Athens would save you any money.

A complete list of airlines serving Athens is here, and you can track flight information here. There is a left luggage service at the airport (information here), WiFi throughout the airport for a fee (information here), and Internet kiosks throughout the airport. You’ll find all passenger services listed here. Your ground transportation options are listed here in great detail, including these car rental agencies.

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Athens is considered the birthplace of minor things like democracy and Western civilization, so it’s no wonder it’s a much-visited city. The city’s ancient past, including the hilltop Acropolis, makes for an interesting backdrop to what is today a bustling and modern city. You’ll clearly not lack for things to do and see in a city the size of Athens, even if much of its modern architecture is a disappointment. In preparation for the tourist influx during the 2004 Olympics, the city got a major facelift – especially its historic center and archeological treasures – so even if you think you’ve seen Athens before, you might be due for a return visit.

For more information about what to see and where to stay in Athens, see the Athens Travel Guide.