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Ngurah Rai Airport (airport code DPS), otherwise known as Bali International Airport, is 15 km outside of Denpasar in southern Bali. It is the third busiest airport in Indonesia, and is very close to the hot tourist destinations of Bali, like Kuta which is only 2.5 km from the airport.

Unfortunately, there is not much more information available on the airport’s website. Most of the information about the airport is on the homepage here (which is not in English but may be translated), including the ground transportation options (taxi, city transportation, rental cars) and the passenger facilities at the airport (bank, restaurant, cafeteria, Duty Free shop, drug store, post office). But unless you want to know the dimensions of the runway or the terminals, that page probably will not help you much. You will likely need to find a tourist information booth at the airport when you arrive to locate what you need.

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Bali is far and away Indonesia’s top destination, and it is perfectly understandable why – with some of the most beautiful beaches and best diving and surfing in the world, not to mention a vibrant and colorful culture, Bali is one place where the word “paradis” is not hyperbole. Of course, being the most visited destination in Indonesia has its drawbacks, too. Some of the most popular areas of Bali have become completely overrun with tourists and the touts that inevitably follow; but if you go beyond the resorts, you will stand a much better chance of seeing why everyone loves Bali.