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Most people entering Brazil from outside the country will come in via either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, although there are many other airports throughout the country. Some smaller airports have regularly scheduled flights to and from major cities like Lisbon and Miami, so be sure to check other airports in Brazil if your holiday plans do not include much time in either Rio or Sao Paulo.

Once you’ve found your flight to Brazil, check out our page about domestic flights in Brazil to plan any air travel within the country.

Airports in Brazil

Sao Paulo/Guarulhos – Governor Andre Franco Montoro International Airport (airport code GRU) might just win the award for the longest airport name. It is also known sometimes as Cumbica International Airport, but that might just confuse things further. The good news is that if you refer to it by the name Guarulhos International Airport you should be understood. Sao Paulo’s airport is Brazil’s busiest, and is located 25 km from the city center. The airport’s website is decidedly lacking in much useful information at all – basically all you will find out by visiting the website is that it is “truly a small city in itself” but you will not learn what airlines serve the airport or anything about public transportation to and from the airport. One imagines that in an airport the size of a small city there will be tourist information stations throughout the terminals where you will be able to find out anything you want to know. You can get some idea of at least the airlines serving the airport here.

The Rio de Janeiro/Galeao – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (airport code GIG) is thankfully usually known simply as Galeao International Airport. The airport is about 20 km from Rio de Janeiro’s city center and was once Brazil’s major airport. It had lost that distinction to Sao Paulo by the mid-1980s, and nowadays it is generally considered to be a money losing operation. Sadly, the Galeao airport’s website is no better than the Sao Paulo airport’s website (they are two parts of the same website, actually), so you will not be able to really find out anything useful by looking at the official website. You can see some of the airlines serving the Rio de Janeiro airport here.

Be sure to check on these deals on international airfare to Brazil, and then read through our Brazil Travel Guide to figure out what to do and where to stay once you arrive.

More Information on Brazil

Brazil is an incredibly large and diverse country – both in terms of its landscape and its people. It is home to some of the most crowded and busy cities on earth and some of the most incredible natural wildlife along the Amazon. If you are looking for the place to experience both the chaotic and hedonistic mayhem of Carnival and the awe-inspiring expanse of the rain forest, then Brazil is the perfect destination.