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The popular tourist destination of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is served by the Los Cabos International Airport (airport code SJD). It is Mexico’s fifth busiest airport and lies in San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur.

The complete list of airlines serving Los Cabos should be here, but as this is being written there is a note on that page of the airport’s website – a note which has been there since 2005 – saying the information which should go on that page is waiting to be added. That information is probably going to wait quite a bit longer, so in the meantime you can get an idea of what airlines serve Los Cabos here. In fact, most of the pages on the airport’s website say they are under construction, with messages dating back to 2005, so do not get your hopes up about finding current and relevant information there. The pages which do have information include the commercial zone where you can spend your last vacation money (here), parking services (here), the food court (here) and car rental (here) – but in three of the four cases listed the information given is just photographs of those parts of the airport, with no actual useful information about them. Really, the bottom line is that the Los Cabos airport website is largely useless. One would hope that there would be tourist information booths at the airport to help you find everything that is available.

Be sure to check our deals on international airfare to Cabo San Lucas, and then read through our Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations and parts of the city are known primarily for their nightlife and the entertainment options which visitors generally partake in. For anyone who is looking for a little taste of authentic Mexico in between clubs and beaches, however, the San Jose del Cabo area is the place to visit. Mind you, we are talking very little of “real Mexico” here, too, but it is more “real” than the night clubs, resorts and golf courses that take up most of the area.