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Mexico’s second busiest airport is in Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun International Airport (airport code CUN) is also the fourth busiest airport in all of Latin America. If projected growth rates are on target, it could be the second busiest by the year 2017. The company that owns Cancun International Airport also owns airports in Cozumel, Oaxaca and Mérida, among others. Cancun’s peak season runs roughly from December to April, so to avoid the highest prices and the biggest crowds, stay away from the high season.

According to the airport’s website, there are more than 115 airlines with services to Cancun – they’ve just decided to make it impossible to find a list of those airlines on the website. Suffice it to say that it’s a large enough airport in a large enough tourist destination that you shouldn’t find it too hard to get there. If you’re coming from outside North America, you might need to plan a stop in the United States or Mexico City first – just check around for the best deal with the best schedule. The website does seem to want to tell you all about the shopping you can do at the airport – you can read about that here – presumably so you can pick up gifts on your way out of town and not waste a single moment you could otherwise be lying on a beach. Airport restaurants are listed at the same link. An airport map is located here. A list of the services available at the airport is here, including luggage lockers and ground transportation options. The car rental companies operating at the airport are listed under the “Commercial Services” tab. You’ll find more information about ground transportation, including directions, here.

Be sure to check on these airfare deals to Cancun, and then read about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Cancun

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a planned resort city, so it’s designed for sun worshippers to have no problems relaxing and tanning, but even those who get bored of sun and surf can find things to do in and around Cancun. Among other day trips you can take, the largest Mayan ruined city in the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichén Itzá, is only a 2.5-hour drive from Cancun. Of course, if you’re in need of some R&R and fantastic nightlife, you’re in the right place.