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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Airport (airport code COS) is Colorado’s second busiest airport – although it is a distant second after the massive Denver International. The airport is a short six miles from central Colorado Springs, and shares space with the Peterson Air Force Base.

Colorado Springs does not serve as a hub airport for any airline, although it once was a hub for Western Pacific Airlines (which no longer exists). There are currently 11 cities to which you can fly directly from Colorado Springs, most of them hubs for major airlines.

A complete list of the airlines serving Colorado Springs is here, and flight tracking for incoming and outgoing flights is available here. You can even download a Colorado Springs flight guide for use on your computer, Palm device or pocket PC. You will find your shopping and dining choices listed here and a list of passenger services available (such as the free WiFi, kids play areas, and baggage cart locations) here. Ground transportation options include buses, limousines, taxis, rental cars and hotel shuttles, and you can learn more about the best way to get to and from Colorado Springs airport here. There are even “ski shuttles” which are geared toward wintertime tourists who only have the slopes on their minds.

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