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There are a few international airports in Croatia serving not only the capital and largest city but also some of the most popular tourist destinations as well, making it easy to get in and get directly where you want to go.

Zagreb Airport (airport code ZAG) is Croatia’s main international gateway, and it lies roughly 10km from the city center of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. In addition to being a busy commercial airport, Zagreb is also one of the Croatian military’s air bases. This airport is the home base for the country’s national airline, Croatia Airlines, and a complete list of airlines serving Zagreb can be found here. You can learn more about the shopping and dining choices at the airport, public transportation options, and get a list of the car rental agencies operating at the airport here.

Split Kastela/Resnik Airport (airport code SPU) is just outside the city of Split, and is the country’s second-largest airport. Croatia Airlines has a major hub here and offers connections to several major European cities, and you can find a link to all the airlines serving Split here. Flights to and from Split can be tracked from the links on this page. There are shopping opportunities at the airport, including Duty Free, as well as several bars and restaurants to choose from. Public transport options include bus, rental car and taxi, all of which are detailed here.

Dubrovnik Airport (airport code DBV) is located just over 15km from central Dubrovnik, one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations. Croatian airline Dubrovnik Airline has its home base at this airport, and a full list of the airlines serving Dubrovnik is here. You can do flight searches on arrivals and departures here. The passenger services at the airport include shops, restaurants, banks, luggage wrapping, and currency exchange – all of which are listed here. That same page has links to ground transportation (under “Transfer to Dubrovnik”).

Be sure to check on these deals on international airfare to Croatia, and then read through our Croatia Travel Guide to figure out what to do and where to stay once you arrive.

More Information on Croatia

Most visitors to Croatia today would have no idea that the country was mired in war in the 1990s – these days, it is more well-known for its pristine beaches and spectacular national parks. The Istrian and Dalmatian coastal areas in particular are one charming waterfront town after another, many of which boast Roman and other historic sites as well.