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Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Larnaca International Airport (airport code LCA) is the main international airport serving the island of Cyprus. It sits on the southest edge of the island five kilometers from the city of Lanarca, and serves as a major hub for passengers between Europe and the Middle East. Cyprus is also a popular tourist destination all on its own, so Lanarca has seen its fair share of travelers since it opened in the mid-1970s.

Passenger traffic is what airports want, but Lanarca is operating far beyond its intended capacity right now. There is a major redevlopment of two of the island’s major airports (including Lanarca) currently underway and the newly improved Larnaca International Airport will start operating in November 2009.

Although the airport does have an official website, not all information is yet available. However, you can see a list of what airlines serve Lanarca (along with their destinations) here, such as flights to Cyprus from Birmingham. While you won’t find a vast array of passenger facilities at the airport, you will find the basics – dining and duty free shopping, change bureaus and ATMs, first aid, tourist information and lost and found. You can rent a car at the airport (see the list of companies here), hire a taxi or take a bus (the only public transport available). There are two taxi/chauffeur companies serving the airport, and their websites are here and here. The airport’s main telephone numbers are +357 2481 6130 or +357 2430 4700. Be sure to check these airfare deals to Cyprus and read about what to do and where to stay once you’re there.

More Information on Cyprus

The island of Cyprus, third largest in the Mediterranean, is a land divided. The southern and western parts of the island are controlled by Greek Cypriots and is called the Republic of Cyprus, while the more eastern part is controlled by Turkey and is called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It used to be that travelers who wished to go to the TRNC and then back to the Republic of Cyprus would have trouble, but with the advent of the EU that isn’t supposed to be the case anymore. The Cyprus embassy in the US has recommended, however, that American passport holders would be better off entering from the “legal” points on the Greek side. Once you’ve managed to get there, however, Cyprus is a beautiful island getaway with plenty of beaches as well as sites of archeological interest.