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Durban International Airport (airport code DUR) used to be called Louis Botha Airport, and although it is currently the third-busiest international airport in South Africa, it is slated to be decommissioned when the new airport – King Shaka International Airport is up and running. Authorities say that will be sometime before the 2010 World Cup is to be held in the country. In addition to playing an important role in getting people to and from the World Cup, officials hope the new Durban airport will also bring more tourist traffic into the area, as it has been dwindling recently. The new airport will be located about 30km from Durban, while Durban International is roughly 15km from the city.

Durban’s airport website makes it nearly impossible to find a list of the airlines which serve Durban, but if you click on this page and select “Airlines” from the “Facility” drop-down menu you will get a list. A few of the airlines serving Durban are Air Mauritius, British Airways, Emirates, Mango, and South African Airways. You can track incoming and outgoing flights from the airport’s main website. Also from this page, you can access the various dining and shopping options (from the “Restaurant/Shop” drop-down menu) and any other airport facilities and passenger services (from the “Facility” drop-down menu), including ground transportation (click on “Transport”).

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Durban is a city on the eastern coast of South Africa, with a great stretch of beach that is walking distance from downtown. Water-related activities are, therefore, plentiful and popular here. You can also try your luck at the local casinos, or visit wildlife parks and nature reserves.