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The South American country of Ecuador may not be very large, but it has several international airports which you may fly in and out of as a visitor.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport (airport code UIO) is the Quito airport, and the principal airport in Ecuador. It is very close to central Quito, and the high altitude of the airfield makes it one of the highest airports on earth. The Quito airport is also located in an area which makes it impossible to expand at all, so a new airport is being constructed roughly 18km from the city. International airlines serving Quito are listed here, and domestic airlines are here. The stores and restaurants at Quito airport are indicated on this terminal map, and you will find more information about other passenger services here. Ground transportation options include shuttles and car rentals.

Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport (airport code GYE) is about 5km outside the city of Guayaquil (website appears to be in Spanish only), and was once called Simon Bolivar International Airport. At the moment, the Guayaquil airport is the newest terminal in Ecuador. Everything on the airport’s website seems to be a PDF document, but a few of the airlines which serve Guayaquil are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, LAN Airlines, and TACA Peru.

The two principal airports serving the Galapagos Islands, which are part of Ecuador, are San Cristobal Airport (airport code SCY) and Seymour Airport (airport code (GPS).

Be sure to check on these deals on international airfare to Ecuador, and then read through our Ecuador Travel Guide to figure out what to do and where to stay once you arrive.

More Information on Ecuador

As the country’s name indicates, Ecuador is located on the equator – and equator-related attractions are incredibly popular in Ecuador. There are plenty of other reasons to visit, however, as the country is full of natural beauty and welcoming locals.