Find the cheapest flight to Europe

Europe – once the must-do destination for the youth of the upper crust in order to further their education with a “Grand Tour,” it’s still a classic itinerary for young and old alike from all over the world. “Backpacking Europe” is a rite of passage among long-term travelers, and Europe’s consistent appeal is not surprising. Though it’s not as cheap as it used to be, you can still do Europe on a budget – in Eastern Europe in particular.

Getting to Europe cheaply is the easy part – with so many giant international airports to choose from, you’ll be able to hunt around for a bargain. Additionally, once you get to Europe, you’ll be able to hop on any number of budget airline flights to small airports anywhere you’d like. Be sure to check these airfare deals to Europe, and read about what to do and where to stay once you arrive. You’ll also find more information about Europe’s low-cost airlines at Europe Cheap Ticket Links.

Major Airports in Europe

The four biggest international markets in Europe are London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam.

In London, you’ve got London Heathrow Airport (airport code LHR), Longon Gatwick Airport (airport code LGW) and London Stansted Airport (airport code STN) – among a few other smaller ones – to choose from. Heathrow is the world’s busiest international airport, so it might be your best budget bet. You can read about London’s airports in more detail here.

Frankfurt gives you Frankfurt International Airport (airport code FRA), the third largest airport in Europe. It’s a major international hub for European as well as other destinations.

Paris‘s Charles de Gaulle International Airport (airport code CDG) is historially an aviation center for Europe, and remains a place to find competitive prices today. Go here for more information about Charles de Gaulle as wel as Orly, the other Paris airport.

Schiphol Airport (airport code AMS) in Amsterdam is Europe’s fourth busiest, and also happens to be a favorite among travelers. More details about Schiphol are here.