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Situated in the county of Devon in England’s West Country, the city of Exeter was historically an important administrative point. Now, while there’s not necessarily a need to visit Exeter, there is still plenty to see and do. Exeter International Airport (airport code EXT) serves the area. The low-cost airline Flybe is based at Exeter, and operates most of its flights both domestically and abroad. Getting to Exeter isn’t as easy as you might think – unless you’re already in the UK. There are flights from most major cities in the UK (although apparently not from London), as well as a few major European cities as well.

A list of the destinations served from Exeter are here, and essentially all of them are Flybe routes. The airport’s passenger facilities are listed here, including your dining and shopping options. Web access is available in the departure lounge. Ground transportation, including train, bus, taxi and car rental options, are available on the left-hand menu here. A local map and travel routes can be found here.

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Once a port city and key bridging point over the River Exe, a ship canal and modern road by-passes have diminished Exeter’s importance. It’s still a busy university and industrial city, however, with a healthy local economy. Exeter was a Roman city, and there are still remnants of its Roman past – including portions of the Roman city wall and a Roman baths complex. Due to repeated WWII bombings raids, Exeter is no longer the architecturally beautiful city it once was, though some of its beautiful buildings (including the 11th century Exeter Cathedral) remain. While there is a tourist trade in Exeter, the city certainly doesn’t rely on tourism to support itself – so you’re much more likely to see real English life here.

For more information on visiting Exeter, see the Exeter Travel Guide.

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