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Germany is home to one of Europe’s most important and busiest international gateways – Frankfurt Airport. The other important airports strictly in terms of passenger traffic are Munich International Airport and Düsseldorf International Airport. Düsseldorf, while being an important airport as far as German national carrier Lufthansa is concerned, probably is not high on the list of airports tourists would think to use as their entry point in Germany. For tourism, after Frankfurt and Munich the other important airports would be the airports in Berlin.

Luckily for travelers, Germany is one of the best European countries to be in if you are looking for flights on discount airlines. You can not only get from city to city within Germany on budget carriers, you can get just about anywhere in Europe from most major German cities. You may find that flying within Germany is cheaper than taking the train, especially with the inexpensive one-way tickets that are always available.

If you are investigating air travel to Germany, here are the places to get more information on the country’s busiest airports:

Be sure to check on these airfare deals to Germany, and then read about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Germany

Germany is a large country in Central Europe with an interesting and sometimes troubling history. Germans today are finally beginning to express a sense of nationalism not seen since World War II – before the 2006 World Cup it was not common to see German flags being flown by individuals, but hosting the World Cup allowed Germans to show off their national pride once again. A country as large as Germany is bound to have a vast array of natural landscapes, and Germany does. From forests and coastlines to mountains and lakes, there is plenty to keep the outdoors enthusiast happy. The country also boasts a great tradition of beer brewing, and some of the most lively and charming cities in Europe.