Find the cheapest flight to Ibiza

Ibiza Airport (airport code IBZ) serves the party-hearty Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is an incredibly popular destination for Europeans (especially the clubbing generation), so there are countless cheap flights from major European cities to Ibiza. You’ll be able to find an inexpensive flight on a budget carrier, all you need to do is be in Europe first.

A list of the airlines serving Ibiza is here, and you can track flight information here. There is no left luggage service at Ibiza Airport. Your airport dining options are here, your shopping options here. Ground transportation options are listed here, and include taxi and bus service. You can rent a car from one of the agenices listed here.

Be sure to check on these airfare deals to Spain, and then read about what to do and where to stay in Ibiza once you get there.

More Information on Ibiza

Ibiza is the English name for this Balearic Island – its real name is Eivissa. While there are beaches galore on the island, it is most famous for its nightlife. People come from all over Europe, primarily the UK, to dance and drink all night long. You can get a flavor of what Ibiza might have been like before the influx of clubbers, though, by visiting the north side of the island. If you’re looking for a peaceful beach getaway, Ibiza probably isn’t the right choice. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a place to party all night and sleep (on the beach) all day, you might just have discovered Utopia.