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Flying to Ireland from North America probably means you’ll fly into Dublin (or Belfast, if you’re headed for Northern Ireland). If however, you’ll be coming from a different starting point, Ireland has other airports which might be closer to your final destination. You can check on deals with Europe’s many low-cost carriers on Europe Cheap Ticket Links, and if Dublin isn’t on your itinerary, you might even find a better deal by entering Europe by another large city – such as London or Paris – and then catching a short flight to your ultimate stop in Ireland. Be sure to check out these airfare deals to Ireland, flights from New York to Ireland, and don’t forget to read up on what to do and where to stay once you get there.

After Dublin, the next busiest airport in Ireland is Shannon Airport (airport code SNN), which handles mostly flights to Britain and transatlantic flights. The airport lies near Ireland’s west coast 15 km from Limerick City, and most of its flights are with Ryanair, one of Europe’s main budget airlines. Shannon Airport is one of the hubs for Aer Lingus. The airlines serving Shannon are listed here, and you can access flight information for arrivals and departures here. A terminal map of Shannon Airport is here. There is no left luggage service at Shannon, but the airport does provide free WiFi. Your dining options are listed here and your shopping options here. Ground transportation options include the bus, taxis and car rentals. Rental agencies are listed here, and driving information is here.

Ireland’s third busiest airport is Cork Airport (airport code ORK), located in southern Ireland near Cork City. Aer Lingus and Aer Arann make up most of the flights, as Cork serves as Aer Lingus’ main European hub and an important hub for Aer Arann. A complete list of airlines serving Cork is here, and you can find current flight information here for arrivals and here for departures. You’ll find an airport guide here, including links to the upper and lower level maps (links on the lower left) and a list of places to eat here. Ground transportation options are listed here, and include bus, taxi, train and car rental. You’ll find a list of agencies renting cars from Cork here, and a road map here.

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Sometimes called the Emerald Isle, Ireland is well known for its lush green vegetation. It’s equally famous for its dramatic and rugged landscapes, natural beauty, warm pubs and friendly people. With millions of people around the world claiming some ancestry in Ireland, it’s no wonder there are more tourists in the country every year than residents. With a pint of Guinness and an impromptu performance at the local watering hole, you’re sure to feel right at home. For more information, check out WhyGo Ireland.