Find the cheapest flight to Italy

Italy regularly tops the list of the most popular countries in the world to visit, but it also has the distinction of being more expensive to fly to than other popular countries in Western Europe. Getting cheap flights to Paris, London, and even Amsterdam – especially from overseas – is often much easier than finding cheap flights to Italy.

The reason for this isn’t entirely clear, but it means that if you’re having trouble finding cheap flights to Italy for when you want to go, you might need to get more creative with your searches. This includes looking for the cheapest tickets you can find to any big hub in Europe, and then looking for cheap airfare on a budget airline to where you really want to go in Italy. This requires more attention to schedules, but it can sometimes save you quite a bit of money.

Here are a few more resources to help you find cheap flights to Italy:

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Major Airports in Italy

  • Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport (FCO) – Rome – Fiumicino is the largest airport in Italy, and runs neck-in-neck with Milan’s Malpensa for the title of busiest airport. Learn more about how to find cheap flights to Rome.
  • Malpensa International Airport (MXP) – Milan – Malpensa is another huge and busy airport in Italy, serving the country’s business and banking capital. Learn more about how to find cheap flights to Milan.
  • Marco Polo International Airport (VCE) – Venice – Venice may not be the airport of entry for as many as Rome or Milan, but it’s as dreamy an entry to Italy as you can imagine. Read more about finding cheap flights to Venice.

More Information on Italy

From the top to the toe of this boot, Italy has been a popular destination for centuries – with good reason. With legendary cuisine, wine, fashion and landscapes, the birthplace of the Renaissance, more Roman history than you can shake a stick at, the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one country and the headquarters of the Catholic Church all within its borders, it’s no wonder so many people love Italy. Whether you zip around the country in something red and sporty or take advantage of Italy’s cheap (if not always timely) trains, you’re sure to enjoy your visit to Il Bel Paese. For more information about traveling through Italy, be sure to read our Italy Travel Guide.