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Jacksonville International Airport (airport code JAX) is a mere nine miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, and was opened in 1968. It is not a hub for any airline, but has been expanding steadily in recent years and serves both northeastern Florida and southeastern Georgia. The economic downturn of 2009 resulted in a significant decrease in passenger traffic. In mid-June 2009 Concourse B was demolished and the remains of the structure will eventually be part of the lounge. A new concourse will be built when traffic increases (by 2013). The parking facilities were upgraded, but the area will see further expansion. A new baggage screening system will be added, as well. So, post-construction, the Jacksonville airport will be an efficient and modern facility. During the process, however, whole sections of the airport are likely to be closed and getting around could be a challenge. Remember to bring your patience with you.

You will find a complete list of carriers serving Jacksonville International here and a flight tracker is here. In order to help you navigate your way through the airport, there is a terminal map here. Your dining options are listed here, and your shopping options here. Among the services offered at Jacksonville International is the Comfort Zone Spa, specializing in sit-down massages – which might be just perfect if airline travel causes you stress (and even if it does not, a massage is a nice treat anyway). Ground transportation options are listed here. If you are driving to the airport, you can save time and money on Jacksonville airport parking by booking it ahead of time.

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