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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Kansas City

Kansas City International Airport (airport code MCI) sits 15 miles from the central business district of Kansas City, Missouri. The airport code stems from the airport’s original name, Mid-Continent International Airport. Midwest Airlines uses Kansas City International as a hub, although Southwest Airlines is the airport’s largest carrier. Those are the airlines to check for special deals on flights.

For all of you morbid history buffs, the Kansas City airport lies just across the highway from the Red Crown Tourist Court where Bonnie & Clyde had a 1933 shootout with the sheriff. (They both survived, though one of their crew did not.) Sadly, all that remains there now are ruins after a fire burned it to the ground.

(A word of warning – the airport’s website has all kinds of sound effects which you cannot turn off and which repeat themselves at various intervals; just in case you are surfing in a public place or on the sly at work. The sound effects will be a dead giveaway that you are no longer slaving away on that spreadsheet.)

You will find a complete list of carriers serving Kansas City International here and a flight tracking is available here for incoming and outgoing flights. Terminal information and interactive maps are available here, including shopping and dining options and services and other passenger amenities. If you are feeling lucky, there is a contest to win two free tickets from Kansas City International anywhere – and yes, we would be happy to join you on your trip when you win. Free WiFi is available throughout the airport. Ground transportation options can be found here. If you are driving to the airport, you will find driving directions here.

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