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For being in a relatively small country, London has quite an impressive collection of international airports. Travelers coming from many overseas points enter Europe by way of one of London’s airports, even if England isn’t their final destination. The major London airports are listed below, and be sure to check out these airfare deals to London and read up on what to do and where to stay once you get there.

Major Airports Serving London

London Heathrow Airport (airport code LHR), also known simply as Heathrow, is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is the world’s busiest in terms of international passenger traffic. Heathrow is the only major airport within the boundaries of the Greater London area – it lies about 15 miles from central London. Air traffic between Heathrow and the US has been strictly limited, with only a handful of airlines allowed to fly between the two (British Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines and Virgin Airways), although there are reports that those restrictions could be dropped soon, meaning there would be more competition for people wishing to hop on a flight from New York to London, for example. Currently, British Airways, bmi and Virgin Atlantic use Heathrow as a hub. A list of destinations Heathrow serves, along with the carriers that’ll get you there, is here, live arrivals information is here and live departures information is here. Heathrow is a large airport, so you’ll be needing the terminal maps here. The services available in each terminal are different, but by selecting your terminal from the drop-down menu at the top of the page you will get listings of only what is available in your terminal when you visit the terminal information page here. Every terminal has a left luggage facility, and its own selection of shops and restaurants, so you will just need to choose your terminal and then choose from the list of options under “Terminal Information” on the left side of this page for further details. Wireless access is available throughout the airport for a fee, and there are two Internet access points in the airport as well. Ground transportation options are plentiful, as the London Underground runs to Heathrow via three stops on the Piccadilly Line – but your choices also include trains, buses and taxis. Car rental information is here. If you’ve got to get from one London airport to another to make a connection, here’s the information about transfers.

Gatwick Airport (airport code LGW) is London’s second largest airport, and lies 28 miles from London. Because of the US-Heathrow flight restrictions, many carriers operate out of Gatwick instead. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic use Gatwick as a secondary hub. You’ll find a list of destinations Gatwick flies to, along with the carriers who’ll get you there, here. Live arrivals are listed here and live departures are here. Gatwick has two terminals, North and South, and you’ll find maps here. Wireless access is available throughout the airport for a fee, and there are also fixed Internet access points available. Each terminal has a left luggage facility, and the information for the North terminal is here, while the details for the South terminal are here. Your shopping and dining options are listed here, and you can narrow the choices by terminal. Ground transportation includes taxi and car rentals. You can find out about transfers between London airports here.

Stansted Airport (airport code STN) is London’s third busiest airport and a hub for many of Europe’s low-cost carriers (such as Ryanair and easyJet). It sits about 30 miles from London. A list of all the destinations served by flights from Stansted is here, along with the airlines that fly those routes, and you’ll find live arrivals information here and departures information here. There’s only one terminal at Stansted (here’s a map), and here’s a list of all the services available. Wireless access is available throughout the airport for a fee, and there are Internet access points also available. Information about the left luggage facility can be found here. Shops and restaurants are listed here. Ground transportation options include train, bus/coach, taxi and car rentals. Information about transfers between London’s airports is here.

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London has long been one of the world’s great cities, and remains an epicenter for culture and tourism as well as business and trade. You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of things to do in London, from its world class museums and Royal sites to its many parks and theatre district. As Samuel Johnson said, “When one is tired of London, one is tired of life.” Visit BootsnAll’s London Travel Guide.