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Madeira Airport (airport code FNC) is the main international airport serving the Madeira archipelago off the coast of Portugal. The airport is also sometimes known as Funchal Airport (because it is located near Funchal on Madeira Island) and it was once called Santa Catarina Airport.

The airport’s website has a link that would translate it into English, but it is not working as this is being written. If it is not working for you, either, your options are to find a Portuguese speaking friend to help you navigate it or make educated guesses. Or you could just click around until you find what you want, which is how we got to these links.

The airlines serving Madeira are listed here – there are not many of them. Departing flights are listed here and arrivals are here. It appears that there is a left luggage facility in Madeira which is open 24 hours a day. The Madeira Airport also features internet points in a couple of places around the airport, and WiFi in the passenger terminals. Your shopping and dining options are detailed here. Your ground transportation choices include taxis, buses, airport bus and rental cars. The information about taxis is here, buses here, airport bus here, and car rental agencies are listed here.

Be sure to check these great deals on international airfare to Portugal, and then read through our Madeira Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Madeira

The archipelago of Madeira only has two islands that have any population – Madeira Island and Porto Santo Island – the rest are just rocks in the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is part of Portugal, although it is self-governed and autonomous from Lisbon, and English is just about as commonly spoken as Portuguese. Madeira is a perfect getaway for anyone interested in sun, sand, surf and the related activities like surfing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Between sunbathing hours, you can also visit the various gardens for a bit of greenery.