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Mallorca’s main airport is the Son Sant Joan Airport (airport code PMI) in the island’s capital of Palma de Mallorca. The Balearic Islands might be small in comparison to the greater country of Spain, but they are so popular with Spaniards and foreigners alike that the Palma de Mallorca airport is the third largest in the country. During the incredibly busy summer travel season, it is one of the busiest airports in all of Europe – so that should give you an idea of how busy the islands themselves will be, too. Mallorca’s main airport is a hub for Air Berlin, which is one of Europe’s low cost airlines. If you are having trouble finding a good deal on airfare to Mallorca, you might try booking a round-trip ticket into a major European hub like London or Frankfurt and then booking another round-trip ticket on one of those European budget carriers to get you to Mallorca.

A complete list of all the airlines serving Palma de Mallorca can be found here, and you can track both arrivals and departures here. To assist you in getting around the airport, there are terminal maps here. Your dining options are listed here, and your shopping options here. Ground transportation choices include buses and taxis, and you can learn more about both here. If you prefer more freedom, you can also rent a car at Palma de Mallorca Airport from one of the agencies listed here (driving directions are here).

Be sure to check our deals on international airfare to Mallorca, and then read through our Palma de Mallorca Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Mallorca

As the largest Balearic Island, Mallorca sees a huge number of sun worshipping tourists every year, and its beaches are indeed fantastic. But the island is big enough to be able to offer more than just sun, sand and surf. If getting a suntan begins to bore you after awhile, head inland and check out the rest of the island’s terrain – there are even mountains in there!