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General Rafael Buelna International Airport (airport code MZT), otherwise known simply as Mazatlan International Airport, serves the Mexican resort city of Mazatlan and the area surrounding it.

Contrary to popular belief, not every organization has a website yet, and that includes the Mazatlan airport. So while you cannot find out most of the basic information that airport websites usually contain, like what your ground transportation options are for leaving the airport or what restaurants or shops you can spend your money in as you wait for your flight, you can get an idea of the airlines which serve Mazatlan by consulting this page. Just be aware – that list might not be as up to date as an airport website would be (if the airport had a website, that is). For the rest of your questions, you will need to locate an information desk at the Mazatlan airport itself and get the answers you are looking for.

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More Information on Mazatlan

Mazatlan’s beaches are legendary – miles of beautiful sand and surf, and all the water sports you can imagine – but of course there is more to the city than just lying in the sun. The laid back attitude in Mazatlan makes for a perfect vacation destination, and its historic area is a great place to explore on foot. But really, if all you are looking for is a place to put your beach towel down and work on your suntan, no one would fault you – and Mazatlan is ideal.