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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Memphis

As an airline passenger in the United States, you have far less chance of passing through Memphis International Airport (airport code MEM) than you would if you had packed yourself into a FedEx box. In addition to being the busiest commercial airport in the state of Tennessee, Memphis’ airport is also a hub for Federal Express (not to mention the home of the third largest sorting facility for UPS). Because of the combined forces of UPS and FedEx, Memphis airport is the site of the largest cargo operations at any airport in the world.

But getting back to the commercial airport side of things, Memphis International is about three miles from downtown Memphis and Northwest Airlines‘ third largest hub. Additionally, the Tennessee Air National Guard also uses the Memphis runways. You can find all the airlines serving Memphis here, along with links to their respective websites, and at the bottom of that same page there are links to access each airline’s flight schedules as well. PDF versions of various airport maps are available for downloading here, including maps of the concessions area. To find out about the various services available at the airport, see this page – it is broken down by terminals at the top of the page, and you can learn more about the different parts of the airport by clicking on different areas of the map. Your ground transportation options at Memphis International include bus, shuttle, limousine, taxi and car rental. There are links to each of those options on the home page, in the right-hand column. Driving directions to Memphis airport are listed here, and you can save money with Memphis airport parking as well.

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