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Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport (airport code MEX), also just called Mexico City International Airport, is Mexico’s busiest airport. It’s also the busiest in the whole of Latin America. The airport is undergoing a massive expansion effort, with construction being done to the existing terminal and a second terminal being added, so the airport will be able to handle even more passengers every year. The new terminal will make Mexico City International the first airport in Latin America capable of handling the new and giant Airbus A380.

A list of all the airlines serving Mexico City International is here, and you can track incoming and outgoing flights here. There’s an interactive map of the airport here. Luggage storage is available in luggage lockers on the ground floor. You can find out more information about the lockers here. There are Internet stations in the airport, which you can find out about here. Your dining options at the airport are listed here, and your shopping options here. Ground transportation to and from the airport, which includes buses, subway and taxis, is detailed here. The car rental agencies operating at the airport are listed here.

Other airports in popular resort destinations include Álvarez International Airport in Acapulco (airport code ACA), Cancún International Airport (airport code CUN) – Mexico’s second-busiest airport, Los Cabos International Airport in Cabo San Lucas (airport code SJD) and Puerto Vallarta’s Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (airport code PVR). You may find direct flights to these airports to be inexpensive, but also check to see whether flying to Mexico City first and then catching a short flight to one of these (or any of the other) airports in Mexico is a better deal.

Be sure to check on these airfare deals to Mexico, and then read about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Mexico

Mexico is sandwiched between the United States and Central America, and while its resort towns see sun worshipping visitors ad infinitum, the country offers more than beaches and drinks with umbrellas in them. (Though there’s plenty of both of those, if that’s what you’re looking for.) A fast and affordable way to explore the country is by booking domestic flights to cover as much ground as possible. Mexico is a country of contrasts. From its ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins to its world-class fishing and golfing to its bustling capital city – one of the most populous cities on the planet – there is plenty to see and do besides lounge in the sun.