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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from New Mexico

The southwestern state of New Mexico has only one major international airport, although it has several smaller regional airports as well.

Albuquerque International Sunport (airport code ABQ) is the state’s primary airport, with more than 6.5 million people passing through in 2007. Although there is an airport in Santa Fe, the Albuquerque airport serves the regions around both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It sits roughly three miles from central Albuquerque. You will find a complete list of the airlines serving Albuquerque (except for the cargo and commuter airlines) on this page. To help you get around the terminal, there are maps here. Passenger facilities and services in Albuquerque include banks, shops, restaurants, and a chaplaincy. You can find out more about the shops and restaurants here. To get to or from the airport, you can take a bus, taxi, shuttle, train, or limousine – all of which you can read more about on this page. There are also a few car rental companies with offices at the airport, and you can book Albuquerque airport parking in advance.

Some of the other smaller airports in New Mexico include the Four Corners Regional Airport (airport code FMN) in Farmington, Sante Fe Municipal Airport (airport code SAF), and Roswell International Air Center (airport code ROW). Note that the latter is not called an “Intergalactical Air Center,” despite what some people might believe happened there.

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