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Lowest Daily Domestic Fares to Orange County     (Updated 7 Oct 2013)
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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Orange County

Travelers to Los Angeles are fortunate to have several airport options to choose from, and which one is best will depend on where you are headed. Los Angeles International Airport might be the largest airport in the Los Angeles area, but John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana is a good alternative, especially for those visiting Disneyland. It is the only commercial airport in Orange County.

John Wayne Airport is only 14 miles from Disneyland, as opposed to LAX‘s 35 miles – so if Disneyland is your ultimate destination, this is probably the best airport for you. It does have quite a short runway, which will not allow planes larger than a Boeing 757 to land or take off, but you might still be able to use John Wayne Airport. Between the shorter runway and local noise restrictions, taking off from John Wayne Airport is likely to be unlike any you have experienced before – a nearly full-power takeoff is followed by a steep climb. The stuff in the overhead compartments will certainly shift during that flight.

You will find a list of airlines serving John Wayne Airport here, and flight schedule information here. To help you get around the airport, there is a terminal map here. Your dining options are listed here, and your shopping options here. The rest of the passenger services are listed here. Oh, and be sure to pay your respects (or something) at the statue of the airport’s namesake. A map of the ground transportation options is linked on this page, and you can find out about shuttles here, taxis here and buses here.

The Orange County area is also served by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT).

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