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Perth Airport (airport code PER) is south of Guildford in West Australia, and roughly 15 km away from the state’s capital city of Perth. It might not be Australia’s biggest airport, but its location makes it an important point of exit and entry for many Australian, Asian, African and Pacific locations.

In addition to the airlines found here, Tiger Airlines is a relatively new low-cost carrier based in Singapore which is soon to begin service between Singapore and Perth. Flight tracking is available here. The Passenger Information section of the airport’s website is helpful and includes terminal maps and information about wireless access at the airport, though each terminal has different services available as well. The T1 international terminal, for instance, has luggage lockers and luggage wrap, while the domestic terminals have only luggage lockers. the shopping and dining options are listed here. Ground transportation choices include car rentals, buses, shuttles and taxis, and you can learn about all of those choices here.

Be sure to check the great deals on international airfare to Perth, and then read through our Perth Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Perth

Perth is the world’s most remote capital city, and home to more than three quarters of the population of the entire state of Western Australia. Most visitors to Australia never get beyond Sydney and Melbourne on the opposite coast, so those intrepid travelers who venture West and make it to Perth are in for a real treat – the beaches are comparatively empty, and the attitude is just as easy-going and relaxed as it is throughout the country. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in and around Perth, as well as social activities to help you get to know the friendly locals.