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Portela Airport (airport code LIS) is located inside Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, but instead bears the name of a neighboring town. It’s also sometimes called Lisbon Airport, which is a little more logical. Portela is Portugal’s main international airport, and also one of Southern Europe’s largest airports. It’s unusual in that it’s actually located inside a major city – this makes it convenient for travelers who don’t have a long transfer time from airport to hotel, but there are plans to build a new airport 50 km north of Lisbon which is currently set to begin operations in 2017. TAP Portugal and Portugalia both use Portela as their main base of operations.

While Portela is a big enough European hub that most of the major airlines will fly there, you might be able to get a better deal by flying to an even larger city like London or Paris or Madrid and then catching a flight with a budget carrier to Lisbon.

A complete list of airlines serving Portela can be found here, and you can track flight schedules on the airport’s main page here. There are Internet access points at various areas around the airport which are open 24 hours a day, and you can find out the services available at the airport from a drop-down menu on this page. Baggage storage is available in the arrivals area near the car park – details can be found here. Your dining options are listed here, and your shopping options here. Ground transportation options, including buses, taxis and the Lisbon Underground, are listed here. Car rental agencies are listed here, and driving directions are here.

Be sure to check on these airfare deals to Portugal, and then read about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

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Portugal might just be the forgotten country on the Iberian peninsula, but its cities and treasures are worth remembering. For such a small country, there’s plenty to see and do – from the architecture and monuments of the cities to the beautiful beaches and everything in between, Portugal is a pleasure. And you’re likely to find it much cheaper than its European neighbors as well.