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How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from Reno

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport (airport code RNO) lies second only to Las Vegas’ McCarran International in terms of the busiest airports in the state of Nevada. The airport is situated roughly three miles from downtown Reno and serves not only this busy city but also the surrounding region. It is, in fact, the closest commercial airport to the popular resort area of Lake Tahoe (hence the inclusion of nearby Tahoe in its name). Not only is Reno-Tahoe a commercial airport, Nevada’s Air National Guard is also stationed at the same airfield.

The now-defunct airline Reno Air once made Reno-Tahoe its base airport, but no airline currently uses Reno-Tahoe Airport as a hub or home base. Southwest Airlines serves the most destinations from Reno’s airport, and you can find a complete list of airlines serving Reno-Tahoe here. All flights can be tracked from this page. To help you get around the airport, you can download an airport map in PDF form from this page. For some unknown reason, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s website does not have information about the dining or shopping opportunities available in the terminal (there are no shops or restaurants? the shopping and dining is abysmal? what?), so you will have to wait and see what your choices are when you get there. You can, however, find out that there is free WiFi throughout the terminal.

You can reach the Reno-Tahoe airport via shuttles, taxis, or by car – there is more information about ground transportation here, including driving directions here and rental car agencies on this page.

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