Russia is particularly famous for the beautiful sights a traveler can visit in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while those who love long train journey are fascinated by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Of course, you can always choose a domestic flight to travel between the Russian cities. But how easy is it to find cheap flights to Russia? Depending on when you travel, it’s slightly cheaper to fly from the US into St. Petersburg than into Moscow.

Most non-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) nationals must obtain a visa to enter the country. For the nationals of EU-Schengen countries, it costs €35. Canadian and US citizens can apply online.

The two main gateways into the country are the Moscow and St. Petersburg airports. Both cities receive flights from Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Moscow is served by four airports. In recent years Sheremetyevo Airport has been eclipsed by Domodedovo Airport (IATA: DME) , which has underwent a renovation and has a direct rail link to the city. Here you can find a complete list of airlines serving the airport.

You can track the flight status on here . Your shopping and eating options are here . The transportation options can be found here and here you can find an airport map.

Make sure to check the flights to other airports serving Moscow, as well. And don’t overlook the flights to St. Petersburg either.

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Russia, the world’s largest country, spanning on two continents, is particularly known for the sights one can visit in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Lake Baikal is a favorite destination for those who love the outdoors, while the Trans-Siberian railway provides one of the most beautiful and interesting rides in the entire world.