How to Find Cheap Air Travel to/from San Antonio

The San Antonio International Airport (airport code SAT) lies north of the city of San Antonio. It does not currently have any carriers using it as a hub, but Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines are the biggest carriers at the airport – so those are the airlines to check for special deals on tickets. San Antonio International is currently undergoing a massive expansion project which will ultimately allow it to serve more passengers – until then, it has got construction updates on its website here so you know what to expect when you arrive. Also for your viewing pleasure, “Airport Airwaves” is a half-hour program that airs three times a week on the Government Access cable channel, and you can watch clips of it here.

A complete list of airlines serving San Antonio International can be found here, and a flight tracker is here for arrivals or departures. A terminal map is here. Your dining and shopping options are here, listed by which terminal they are in. Ground transportation options, including car rentals, shuttles, limousines, taxis and buses, are listed here. If you are driving to the airport, directions can be found here, and you can save time and money on San Antonio airport parking by booking it in advance.

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