Find the cheapest flight to South America

South America is made up of thirteen countries, offering a variety of landscapes, interesting cities and loads of things to do. From the Amazon rain forests to the Andes and the glaciers, South America is filled with treasures to discover. A vacation in South America can be an affordable affair if you know how to plan your vacation.

Getting to South America cheaply is not hard at all, especially with so many big airports to choose from. You can easily hunt around for bargains. Once you get to South America, flying between the countries is not that expensive either, thanks to the many regional airlines serving the area. Be sure to check these airfare deals to South America , and read about what to do and where to stay once you arrive.

Major Airports in South America

The four major international markets in South America are: Sao Paulo, Bogota, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

In Sao Paulo, you’ve got São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Congonhas-São Paulo Airport (CGH) to choose from. GRU, nicknamed Cumbica International Airport, is a major hub in South America, ranking first on the continent in terms of passenger traffic.

Bogota is home to South America’s second busiest airport – El Dorado International Airport (BOG) . It is an important hub for Avianca and Copa Airlines Colombia, handing traffic from Europe, North America and other cities in South America.

Brasília International Airport (BSB) is one of Brazil’s most modern airports, mostly handing traffic from the Americas.

In Rio de Janeiro you’ll find South America’s fifth busiest airport – Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport (GIG) , which is also the largest in Brazil. It receives flights from Europe and the Americas.