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The city of Stockholm has several airports which serve it, but Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (airport code ARN) is the largest in the city as well as the country of Sweden. It lies about 40km from downtown Stockholm and is a major hub of Scandinavian Airline System. Other airports serving Stockholm, including Bromma Airport (airport code BMA) and Skavsta Airport (airport code NYO), are used primarily by charter flights, budget carriers and domestic flights. Be warned that some of the airports used by Europe’s budget carriers (Skavsta included) are actually quite far from the cities they supposedly serve. Skavsta, for instance, is about 100km from Stockholm.

You can find a complete list of airlines serving Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport here and you can track current flights, both incoming and outgoing, here. To help you find your way around the airport, there is an airport map here. You will find lots of passenger services available at the airport, including a left luggage office and a doggie day care. You can read through the list here. The airport is equipped with WiFi access for a fee. Your dining and shopping experience at Arlanda is detailed here. Ground transportation choices include trains, buses and taxis, and you can learn more about all of those here. If you prefer a bit more freedom, you can rent a car from one of the agencies listed here.

Be sure to check our deals on international airfare to Stockholm, and then read through our Stockholm Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

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Sweden’s capital of Stockholm is both beautiful and orderly, which kind of sums the city up in a couple of words. What you might not realize is that this Scandinavian capital is actually a series of islands. So while it is a pleasure to wander the city streets, it is also lovely to stroll from island to island just soaking up the views.