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The tiny Central European country of Switzerland has several international airports.

Zurich Airport (airport code ZRH) is the country’s largest airport and primary international gateway, located just outside of Zurich. It serves as a hub for Swiss International Air Lines. A list of all the airlines which serve Zurich is here, you can track arrivals here and departures here. Information about the shops and restaurants at the airport is here and you can learn about the ways to get to and from the airport here. Your ground transport options include train, bus, rental car, taxi, and limousine.

Geneva Cointrin International Airport (airport code GVA) is about five kilometers from the downtown area of Geneva, and because the city lies on the Swiss-French border, people who are flying on planes coming from or going to France do not have to go through Swiss customs – so long as they stay in the French section of the airport! Geneva’s airport is a major easyJet hub and also serves as a hub for Swiss International Airlines. A list of all airlines serving Geneva is here and flights can be tracked from the box on the home page. Information about the services, shops and restaurants at the airport can be found on this page. Ground transportation options include train, tram, bus, boat, taxi, and car rental, and you can find out more information on all of those here.

Other airports in Switzerland include the Berne Belp Airport (airport code BRN) serving the nation’s capital and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which actually has three airport codes because it serves three cities in three separate countries. The airport codes are BSL (for Basel, Switzerland), MLH (for Mulhouse, France) and EAP (for Freiburg, Germany).

More Information on Switzerland

Although Switzerland shares borders with several other European countries – including France, Italy, Austria and Germany – it has remained famously “neutral” during times of war, and also has chosen to not become part of the European Union. So while you can pass through most European borders these days without digging your passport out of your bag, you will need to dust off the passport coming in and out of Switzerland. There are plenty of reasons to visit, including amazing natural beauty and plethora of sports and activities to enjoy – there is something going on in every season.