Find the cheapest flight to UK

While the United Kingdom might not be as big as it once was, it does cover four separate and distinct areas. The majority of non-European international flights will come through London, but your airline journey doesn’t need to end there. London is served by so many budget airlines that you can hop on a UK domestic flight to any number of destinations in a heartbeat, often for less money than it would cost to take the train. For more information on Europe’s many low-cost carriers, check out Europe Cheap Ticket Links. Also be sure to hunt through these airfare deals to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and read about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

Major Airports in the United Kingdom

Most flights to the UK will be routed to one of London’s many airports, all of which you can read about here in detail. Once you’re in London, however, getting to any other part of the UK is a breeze.

Manchester Airport (airport code MAN) is the busiest in England outside of London’s airports.

Scotland gives you several big airports to choose from – the two busiest are Glasgow International Airport (airport code GLA) and Edinburgh Airport (airport code EDI).

On the other side of the Irish Sea, Belfast International Airport is your gateway to Northern Ireland.

Wales has a grand total of one airport offering scheduled flights, and it’s Cardiff International Airport (airport code CWL).

More Information on the United Kingdom

The UK is high on many English-speaking travelers’ lists for the simple reason that it’s possible to visit another country and culture without learning another language – or so you think! British English differs from its cousins in sometimes subtle but important ways, so you might be in for more culture shock than you thought. With four “home nations” under the UK umbrella, there are also cultural differences from one part of the Kingdom to another, all of which make visits interesting. For everyone from the theatre lover to the football fanatic to the historian to the hiker, you’ll find something to suit you in the United Kingdom. For more information on visiting the UK, please see our London Travel Logue.