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You might not think that a sinking city built on islands would have its own airport, but Venice does – although Marco Polo International Airport (airport code VCE) is actually on the mainland a short distance from Venice. You can get to Venice from the airport via boat (which is certainly the most romantic and unique way to get there) or by bus or train over the one causeway linking Venice to the mainland. Marco Polo can be a great option for an airport to use in Italy, as it is smaller than Milan’s or Rome’s airports and therefore usually far less crowded.

A complete list of airlines serving Venice is here, and you can track flights in and out of the city here. The directory of services and shops at Marco Polo is here, separated into four main areas. The airport has a left luggage facility where you can store your bags for up to one month – it is on the ground floor in the arrivals area. Your ground transportation options are listed here, and include train, bus and motor boat. If you are not planning to go straight into Venice and you are planning to drive around Italy, you can rent a car from one of the agencies listed here.

Be sure to check on these deals on international airfare to Venice, and then read through our Venice Travel Guide to figure out what to do and where to stay once you arrive.

More Information on Venice

People have described Venice as Disneyland for adults – some mean that as a compliment, others as an insult. Venice seems to have that effect on people; you either love it or hate it, and there is not much room for debate. Whatever your position, it is arguably one of those cities everyone should get a chance to see at least once in their lifetime. It is also a city which requires a little bit of homework on the part of the visitor in order to have a fair chance. If you can stay overnight and wander the cleared-out streets after the cruise ship day-trippers have left, you stand a much better chance at having a positive experience in Venice.