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Harare International Airport (airport code HRE) near Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare is the country’s main airport. It is the main hub of Air Zimbabwe, the national flag carrier. If you fly from Europe, you can fly directly into Zimbabwe; but if you are coming from outside Europe, you might want to get to Zimbabwe by flying into South Africa first and then catching a short flight north to Harare.

The airport’s website has basically no helpful information for the would-be visitor; you can get an idea of some of the airlines which fly to Harare from the list on this page, but the rest of the information you will need to navigate through the airport, apparently you need to find a visitor information desk at the airport itself and ask lots of questions.

Be sure to check these deals on international airfare to Zimbabwe, and then read through our Zimbabwe Travel Guide to learn about what to do and where to stay once you get there.

More Information on Zimbabwe

Once one of the nicer countries to visit in Africa, Zimbabwe is currently a mess economically and politically which makes travel there – not to mention life there – difficult. Many people still make an effort to visit, however, if for no other reason than to see the impressively huge Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River or the ruins of the ancient stone cities which gave the country its name. Someday it is likely that Zimbabwe will reclaim its place among the jewels of African countries, but until that point visitors should prepare themselves for the challenges of seeing a country in the midst of upheaval.