At any time of year, it is very easy to find a flight from Dublin to Washington. If you are a US citizen flying from Dublin to Washington, you have the option to purchase a one-way ticket, however, it is common that one-way tickets are just as expensive as round trip, and sometimes even more costly. If you are not a US citizen, you will most definitely need to purchase a return flight that shows you returning to your point of origin within three months of arriving in the United States. Those traveling to the United State from other countries are usually granted three months of travel visa time at once, so you will need to keep this in mind when booking your flight. You can get your tourist visa in advance via the internet or you can contact the United States embassy in Dublin, who can also assist you in obtaining a travel visa as well.

Best Airport Choices

The Dublin International Airport is the only international airport in the Dublin area. If you are traveling to the airport from the center of Dublin, there are buses that run every 15 minutes from the center of town that go straight to the airport for six euros each way. A taxi from the center of Dublin costs approximately twenty-five euros. The Dublin airport is very user friendly and the staff is very helpful in assisting you with finding the correct area to check in for your flight if needed. There is short term and long term parking available for those leaving cars at the airport.

Best Airline Choices

There are many great choices of airlines to choose from when booking your flight from Dublin to Washington. You can choose the airline by ticket prices, or browse airlines to see what different amenities they offer on their planes, which is especially helpful if you need extra leg room, have special meal requests, or if you require a certain service that a standard airline might not have.

Here are a few of the most commonly used airlines on flights from Dublin to Washington.

Ticket Prices

Airline ticket prices are always going to vary based on what airline you choose, but if you are booking on line, there are a number of websites that can help you in comparing ticket prices from several airlines. These services also allow you to purchase your ticket, select your seat, and plan your meal before finalizing the purchase. Of course, the ticket prices from Dublin to Washington vary based on what time of year it is. Between the months of May and September, travel is at peak levels, so the ticket prices raise considerably. Just keep in mind, the further advance the tickets are booked, the better. You will have much better luck in finding a cheaper ticket if you start looking weeks or even months in advance. If you cannot do this, however, there are still many opportunities for you to book a ticket at a reasonable price. Average ticket prices range from 600 dollars round trip all the way to over a thousand.

Money Saving Tips

Try to book your flight as early in advance as you can to ensure that you get the best seats and best prices. Also, if you can help it, try to book your trip in an off-season travel time so that the prices for flights are cheaper, but also for lodging as well. Keep in mind that even though it is very easy to travel between Ireland and the United States, it is so important to be on top of things when planning so that you get the best for your money!