Australia is a huge country with lots of airport choices, though most long-haul international flights go through Sydney, so when you need to get to England from Australia, it’s a good idea to start the search for cheap flights with the most popular route: Sydney to London. There are no direct flights from Australia to England.

Best Airport Choices

If you are flexible, you can choose from several airports when you need to fly to England from Australia. The biggest airport in Australia is located in Sydney, but international flights are also handled by Melbourne Airport and Brisbane Airport.

When flying into England there are also quite a lot of airport choices. Most international flights are routed from London’s airports, out of which Heathrow is the busiest. Another important international airport is located in Manchester. The more layovers or connections you need, the higher your flight cost may be. If you aren’t located in Sydney or London, you may want to look at low-cost airlines to connect from your location to a major hub.

Best Airline Choices

There are no direct flights to England from Australia, so the next best choice is to look for the cheapest connecting flights. If you fly from Sydney to London, you’ll generally make a  stopover in Dubai. The airlines serving this route include:

There are several more possible routes on which you’ll be making only one stopover but the London to Sydney route is the cheapest.

Typical Prices

When talking about typical prices for flights to England from Australia you need to remember that the seasons are reversed in Australia so when it’s winter in England, it’s summer in Australia. The ticket prices are always expensive during the peak travel season: Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

So as spring starts in the Southern Hemisphere, the prices start to climb. By early October, expect to pay at least £830 for a round trip flight (Sydney to London Heathrow).

Money Saving Tips

Be flexible about the route and the airline. Sometimes there might be special offers which are worth a longer stopover. It’s a good idea to start your search with the British Airways, Qantas and Emirates flights.

Book your ticket in advance, but make sure not to book them too far in advance. The exceptions are during the holidays such as Easter or Christmas, when you need to book the ticket as far in advance as possible.

Check multiple discounted websites, such as Expedia and Travelocity. The prices are the same but they make it easy to find the best route and choose the shortest flight. Look into low-cost carriers to get from your destination to a major hub – it maybe cheaper to book these tickets separate from the long-haul flight.